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This page is dedicated to our frequent Traveling Sisters who love reading just as much as Brenda and I do!  We are both so thankful and honored to have such lovely and warm ladies joining us in reading some wonderful novels!

We would like to introduce our Traveling Sisters who frequently come together with us to read, review and talk books:  Lindsay our Canadian ‘Sister’ from Ontario, Kaceey our Alberta ‘Sister’ who is now located in the United States, and Susanne our United States “Sister” who lives in Connecticut.

Since Brenda and I have had such wonderful feedback with our Traveling Sister Reads we have started a private Goodreads Group called the Traveling Sisters where we currently have 42 members and read approximately three (3) books per week.  

We have a small personable group with friends that we interact with regularly where we set reading goals so that we can discuss the book and get everyone’s input to do a combined Traveling Sisters Review that Brenda and I prepare together for our blog and also on Goodreads.  Brenda tends to focus on General Fiction and Historical novels and I take on the Thriller/Suspense novels or any that we personally have a connection with or feel very passionate about.

The reviews that we do for the Traveling Sisters take into account everyone’s thoughts and opinions while we are reading the book and upon finishing for a more intimate reading experience.

The Traveling Sisters About Page on Goodreads:  The group is for reading and reviewing books together with Brenda and Norma, along with Lindsay, Kaceey and Susanne. We read the same book, chat together, and combine our thoughts to do a Traveling Sisters Review for our blog as well as a combined review on Goodreads.

The group is for friends that Brenda, Norma, Kaceey, Lindsay and Susanne interact with regularly. So please send us a friend request, like and comment on our reviews.  Let us get to know you before sending a request to join.

Book suggestions or any other questions are always welcome!


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