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Traveling Friends Group Read June Pick: Miracle Creek by Angie Kim @AngieKimWriter #travelingfriendsread

Norma, Lindsay and I are back to reading with our friends after taking a little break to catch up on ARCS. That didn’t happen and probably won’t. lol . Just too many great book published every week we don’t want to miss.

Our June pick for the month is Miracle Creek by Angie Kim and already we have a good size group signed up to read it. Start date is June 15 and the discussion will be ongoing until everyone reading has finished. We are so excited to be reading this one.

Please join us in the Traveling Friends Goodreads Group

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Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak @annapitoniak @littlebrown @HBGCanada

Happy Pub Day to this highly anticipated book that will sure to fascinate you with this character study of two best friends!

Brenda’s review

Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak explores the complicated toxic relationship between two very different best friends.  They live very different lives but are intertwined together by their ambitions.

I was drawn into this character study into the dark side of friendship family and privilege. I loved the dynamics here between two best friends Violet and Stella. Stella is rich, privileged and ambitious when it comes to besting her bestie. She really thinks she is pretty special. Violet is struggling to stay afloat and is dependent on Stella’s family. She really is trying to be something special at her job. This made for an interesting dynamic between the friends.

Both characters are unlikable and I was on my toes guessing who was more the toxic one to each other.   I couldn’t feel any sympathy for either character and didn’t find too much to relate to with either making it hard for me to figure out who had the power over who.  I had no idea where the story was going or where it could possibly go until that twist at the halfway mark and the story started to come together and I was turning the pages as fast as I could to see how this one wrapped up.

I read this one with our Traveling Sister and blogging buddy over at It’s All About The Thrill We really enjoyed reading this one together and discussing it.  I highly recommend.

Thank you to  Little, Brown and Company and Hachette Canada for my complimentary copy.

From Kim’s review

Frenemies anyone? Holy crap if these two girls are best friends as they claim, I would certainly hate to be their enemy. Absolutely scandalous is what this book is! There was a very odd dynamic to this relationship. It certainly kept me intrigued. As their relationship evolved over the years one of them is overtaken with jealously. Their friendship is replaced with a competitive, nasty, back stabbing situation that will leave your mouth hanging open. I was enthralled from start to finish with this toxic relationship these girls had. Will one of them go too far? For Kim’s full review

Have you read this one? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner @JamieLBrenner @littlebrown @HBGCanada

A sudden death, an unexpected inheritance, a business partner and friend battling it out with a single mother defending the inheritance

Drawing Home is a heartwarming, light and entertaining beach read that is just perfect for packing along with you to wherever you might be heading for a relaxing place to read. This one should be sold anywhere there is a lounge chair by the pool or on the beach. It has it all here, interesting family dynamics, unlikely friendships, a charming and inviting setting and a story that explores loss, forgiveness and hope with a little mystery added.

My favorite part of this story is the picturesque historical town of Sag Harbor and the iconic American Hotel. I didn’t read this one on vacation or on the beach however I felt like I was swept away to this charming town and was sitting on a lounge chairs with a drink close by soaking up the sun.

Jamie Brenner does a great job here with the dynamics between the well-developed characters and I really enjoyed just how strong and determined the characters were in their fight to defend what they thought was theirs, making for some interesting and entertaining dynamics between them. I thought it all came together so well in the end leaving me feeling quite satisfied after reading it. I highly recommend

Thank you to Little, Brown and Company and Hachette Canada for my complimentary copy.

Brenda’s review

Have you read this one? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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The Night Before by Wendy Walker @Wendy_Walker @StMartinsPress

Today is the day to run not walk to get your hands on this highly anticipated book The Night Before! It’s one not to be missed. Congratulations to Wendy Walker for nailing this exciting, thrilling and flawless story here that left us flying off our chairs cheering after reading it. We can’t recommend it enough especially for group reads!

Brenda’s review

Two very different sisters, one goes missing the night before and the other tries to put the nightmare together.

The Night Before is a clever, unique , fast-paced story that had my heart racing right from the start. The characters are so well-developed and the well layered plot drew me right into the lives of these two very different sisters, their bond and their dark secrets.

I love unreliable characters and Wendy Walker does such a great job here with keeping me on our toes with the best possible sense of dread as I tried to figure out who was the danger and who was in danger.

The twists and turns, red herrings had my head spinning from the excitement and I was going in so many different directions trying to figure out how it was all going to come together I didn’t see that unexpected ending coming that came together so well. I highly recommend!

Norma’s review

Ingenious, enthralling, & brisk!

If I were to give you one piece of advice while reading this book would be to put all your other books aside so you can totally be immersed in this tale. This book needs to be read without any interruptions and quickly because the intensity level is all in the execution here and to even let it go for a few hours loses that appeal of needing to know what the heck is going on. Now I wouldn’t necessarily say that you actually need to do that but boy do I ever wish that life didn’t get in the way of this book! 

THE NIGHT BEFORE by WENDY WALKER is an intense, thrilling, suspenseful and compulsive psychological thriller novel that was quite the entertaining and enjoyable read for me. I was actually quite stunned and very impressed in the end with how well a seemingly straightforward story turned into something that was so much more complex and felt nothing but new and original. 

WENDY WALKER delivers an intriguing, clever and engaging read here with quite a few surprising twists and turns. The story is told in multiple timelines with alternating points of view between two sisters, Laura and Rosie and therapy sessions between Laura and her therapist. The intensity level of the story increases slowly as the story progresses and had me guessing and questioning almost everything that was happening in this book. I absolutely love that feeling of not knowing where a story is headed and when the reveal brings everything together in the end it is just so satisfying to me. 

What really made this novel for me was Laura’s character and the ending. She was a complicated, relatable, believable and realistic character. I did have a suspicion early on about one of the reveals, but having guessed that did not take away any of the shocking reveals in the end. I was genuinely impressed with how emotionally attached I got to Laura’s character and the ending for me was absolutely beautiful and very touching. 

Lindsay’s review


This was a fast-paced, tension-filled, edge-of-your-seat thrilling read!   I couldn’t flip these pages fast enough! I absolutely love Wendy Walker’s writing – it pulled me in from page one and kept me fully captivated and intrigued until the very end.  Knowing the caliber of her writing, I knew I would be in for an intense and gripping read, which is exactly what this was.

Once again, Wendy Walker, mastered the art of brilliant narration.   One of my most favourite books is her debut, “All Is Not Forgotten” which had such unique and clever narration.  Although that remains my favourite of her books, this comes in a VERY close second. I loved the characters – my suspicions were bouncing all over the place.  The various perspectives flow perfectly, revealing new pieces of this addictive and twisty story that will have you changing your theory more than a few times throughout.

The gripping and speedy pace, the vivid characters, the skillful narration, the unwavering tension.   It all adds up to one fantastic story that will leave you in high anticipation of what Wendy Walker will come out with next!   As you can tell, I highly recommend this incredible novel!

A huge thank you to Jordan at St. Martin’s Press for our copies from NetGalley to read and review.

Have you read this one? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We wold love to hear from you!

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You, Me, and the Sea by Meg Donohue @megdonohue @WmMorrowBooks @HarperCollinsCa

A girl drawn to the sea, a love bonded by the sea, the secrets it keeps and the cruel brother who tries to destroy it all.

You, Me and The Sea is a beautifully written story that swept me and pulled me to the cliff of Horseshoe cliff and I could feel the love and danger the sea holds. It left me wondering right from the start the secrets the sea held for this family here in this story.

You, Me, and the Sea explores loss, the bonds that hold people together and the cruelty that can pull them apart. I was drawn into the lives of the characters and could feel the bond to the sea they felt and how it bonded them together. The story takes a turn when tragedy hits and I started to lose a bit of interest with the direction the story went, however that unexpected ending pulled back into it and really like how it all came together in the end.

Thank you to William Morrow and HarperCollins Canada for my complimentary copy

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The Last Time I Saw You: by Liv Constantine @HarperCollinsCa

The Last Time I Saw You by the sister duo Liv Constantine is on now on sale!

Lindsay along with her full time reading buddy Chesney and I read this one with a group of our IG friends and it made for such an entertaining and fun discussion. We did have some mixed thoughts here between us and overall we agreed this was an easy, fast-paced read that most of us few though very quickly. Lindsay and I overall had some of the same thoughts however we ended up very different on how we felt about this one in the end.

Lindsay’s review

A little too much for me.

Kate and Blaire haven’t spoken in years.   They used to be best friends, Kate’s wealthy family always including Blaire in their family gatherings and summer vacations.    After Kate’s mother is murdered, Kate reaches out to Blaire who immediately drops everything to come back into Kate’s life to support her friend in a time of need.  Blaire, now a famous author, starts her own investigation into what happened to Kate’s mother. As she digs deeper into Kate’s life, she uncovers some shocking and dramatic secrets.

This is a suspenseful, jaw-dropping, unpredictable journey that kept me guessing.  The characters had my suspicions all over the place. It was a quick read that was high on drama and entertainment.  

The first quarter of the book was my most enjoyed section.  I was intrigued and curious to see how everything would come together.   After that point, I couldn’t stay bought-in to the story. There were too many questionable, over-the-top things happening that my believability radar couldn’t let go of.   I also had an issue with character connection as I didn’t feel invested in any of them, especially Kate. I have read other reviews comparing this novel to a soap opera, and that completely sums up my feelings as well.  

Overall, this was a highly entertaining, dramatic story that kept me flipping the pages, but isn’t one that left a lasting impression or impact.   There are many raving reviews, so make sure to check those out!

Thank you to Ashley at HarperCollins for gifting me a physical copy to read and review!

Brenda’s review

A brutal high-society murder, a messy relationship between friends and the secret and lies that threaten to unravel the life of one woman

The Last Time I Saw You is an easy to follow, fast-paced escape read that I flew through in two sittings.  The unreliable characters along with the twists and turns had me pointing my finger at a few suspects here in this whodunnit mystery.   I enjoyed chatting with our friends as we discussed who picked up on those layered clues and who including me picked up on some of those clues that threw us off and lead us done a different path with whodunnit here in this murder mystery.

The tension rises here as infidelity, lies and betrayals start to surface and I was flying through the pages to find out how it all comes together in the end.  Things did take a turn to becoming a bit too much for me and some things didn’t quite up, however Liv Constantine pulled off a surprising, clever and entertaining twist there at the end that had me smirking to myself and left us laughing with each other in our discussion.

I highly recommend for group reads that I am sure will lead to a fun discussion.

Thank you to HarperCollins Canada for my copy from EW.

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Have you read this one? Want to read it? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!