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Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee have added another coulee and invited friends to travel to our imaginary coulee with us.  We have started another Goodreads reading group called The Traveling Friends.  It is a place for friends to read with friends in a group setting.

The Traveling Friends is a private Goodreads reading group. The Traveling Friends read and discuss released books only.  The group also includes The Traveling Sisters.

Brenda organizes group reads using released books only.  We select two books that some Traveling Sisters have read, reviewed and enjoyed or suggestions from us through a poll. The most interest that a book receives will be scheduled as an upcoming monthly read.  We also choose smaller reads from suggestions made by us or members of the group for an upcoming read.  The Traveling Friends also do buddy reads which we call Friend Reads within the group.

The Traveling Friends is open by request or invite to anyone who likes to read and discuss books in a group and can be found on Goodreads to request to join.


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The Traveling Friends
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The Traveling Friends is hosted by Brenda and Norma, The Sisters from the Traveling Sisters Reading Group. This is a sperate group from the Traveling Sisters who read and review advanced NG and EW books but still has members of them in this group. The Traveling Friends books that are added to read here are released books, some read and reviewed by us and The Traveling Sisters. The Traveling Friends group is a group for readers who want to read and discuss books in a group. We welcome all Goodreads members who would like to focus on discussing books to request to join the Traveling Friends.

Books we’re currently reading

Don't Believe It
Bring Me Back
Summit Lake
Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

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