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The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers @BerkleyPub

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray is out tomorrow February 19, 2019 . Mark it on your to do it list if you don’t have this one. It’s one not to be missed.

Norma’s Review

Extraordinary, powerful & moving!

THE CARE AND FEEDING OF RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY GIRLS by ANISSA GRAY is an absolutely fabulous, raw, heartfelt and moving novel that immediately grabbed my attention with that extremely intriguing opening line. The writing style hooked me immediately, the storyline was completely absorbing, and the characters were out-and-out fascinating. 

ANISSA GRAY delivers an impressive, interesting and beautifully written read here that is told in alternating perspectives between three sisters, Althea, Viola and Lillian with letters interspersed from Proctor to Althea. The author does such a wonderful job portraying the complicated familial dynamics really allowing us to feel and see right into each of their struggles. I couldn’t help but feel strong emotions for each of these sisters stories and was definitely hoping that they would all find the strength and love they needed.

Brenda’s Review

First, have to say I just love the title to this story. It’s such a brilliant title and so fitting. The title alone was enough to grab my attention and have me wanting to read this one.

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls is a beautifully written emotional, honest and engaging story that takes a look into a family hungry for love and forgiveness.

Annisa Gray does such a great job creating interesting strong women each with a strong voice and their own personal conflict from the past. She drew us into their lives right from the start and we could feel their struggles and experiences that shaped the dynamics within their family. We could feel their pain and love. I fully was emerged into their lives from the first page and they stayed with me long after reading this one.

This is definitely one that makes for a great reading group pick. So much you will want to talk about with this one. We highly recommend!

Lindsay’s Review

Raw. Emotional. Insightful. Heart-breaking. Hopeful. 

Hard working and highly respected local restaurant owners, Althea and Proctor, stun their community when they are arrested and jailed for crimes unknown to their small town. Althea’s sisters, Viola and Lillian, are left to pick up the pieces for Althea and Proctor’s children, Baby V and Kim, who are ‘orphaned’ and left feeling lost in life.

This is a deeply affecting novel that had me feeling the strong sense of sadness that haunted each of the character’s lives. The author, Anissa Gray, did a fantastic job pulling me into this complicated family’s struggles and relationship dynamics. I was rooting for these characters.

I enjoyed the writing and characters, however, the storyline itself felt overly heavy and dark at times. I couldn’t shake the deep sense of sadness that overshadowed my reading journey with this family. There was a sense of hope throughout, but there were many obstacles and struggles these characters had to overcome to reach that light. There were also a few sections where my attention wavered and the story felt slow. Overall, it was a debut novel that I enjoyed and I look forward to reading more from this author. 

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Eye-catching, dazzling, intriguing, beautiful and an extremely meaningful representation to storyline.
Title: I think this is one of the most intriguing, clever and creative titles I have come across yet. That title and cover definitely enticed me into needing to read this novel! 
Writing/Prose: Well-written, effortless, genuine, beautiful, and skillful. 
Plot: Engrossing, interesting, absorbing, heartfelt, steady-paced, and entertaining.
Ending: I was completely satisfied in the way that this novel wrapped up.
Overall: This was an incredibly powerful and impressive story that kept me turning those pages rather quickly in order to find out the fate of Althea and Proctor’s twin daughters. I would highly recommend!

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and to Anissa Gray for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy of this novel. It was an absolute pleasure reading this extremely impressive debut novel.

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The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides @AlexMichaelides @CeladonBooks #BookBloggers #travelingsistersread #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

The Sisters are joining in on the hype for The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides with our glowing reviews for this one. The hype more than lived up for us and we were left cheering after reading this one. If you haven’t read this one yet put everything on hold and dive right into this one!! If you have read it let us know if the hype was real for you or not. We read this one with a few of our Traveling sisters and this one is making it on some of our favorite lists.

Norma’s review

Astonishing, unputdownable and spellbinding stuff here!

Loved….loved….loved! This book is exactly what I needed……a fast-paced and fully absorbing thriller that I literally could not put down or stop thinking about. This was some fantastic storytelling!

THE SILENT PATIENT by ALEX MICHAELIDES is a dazzling, fascinating, compelling, and an absolutely fabulous psychological thriller novel that was quite the immersive and thrilling book to read. Right from the very beginning I knew that this book was going to be a gripping page-turner for me and I’m happy to say that it totally held my attention right to the very end, making this quite the compulsive and all-consuming read. 

ALEX MICHAELIDES delivers an impressive, clever, suspenseful, entertaining and well-written read here with an intriguing and refreshing premise, an intoxicating mystery and irresistible compelling characters. I thought this was an extremely well-crafted thriller where the author seductively guides you to the shocking and twisty conclusion. 

This book definitely appealed to this psychological thriller lover even though I wouldn’t necessarily say there is anything new here and you might have your suspicions early on like I did but it was all in the execution here that made this quite the fantastic and exhilarating read. I thought it was so cleverly and originally done. If an author can still make that ending shocking and thrilling to read even if you think you’ve figured out the outcome well then I’d say that is one heck of an accomplishment and perfect read! 

This was an absolutely fabulous psychological thriller that quickly made it into my favourite reads shelf making this my very first favourite of 2019!

Brenda’s review

A seemly perfect life, a murder, a wife who refuses to speak and a therapist obsessed made for a very intriguing read for us.

The Silent Patient is a clever, original and complex fast-paced character-based psychological thriller with one of the best gasp-worthy twists I have read. Paying attention to this character study might pay off with picking up some of those well-layered clues that lead to a very pleasing gasp-worthy twist. One even if you did pick up on some of those layered clues you might still find yourself shocked and left speechless. I highly recommend!

From Christina’s review

I guarantee this is going to be one of the top books of 2019 and if it’s on your list – pick it up, if it’s not – add it now. The prose, the pacing, the suspense and development into the story were all a complete slam dunk for me. This is absolutely the type of book that once you pick it up, you’re not going to be able to put it down until you’re done with it and know how it ends – and the ending, is quite the doozie. I’m thrilled by Alex Michaelides and really excited to see future works because this author knows how to get it done For Christina’s full review

From Debra’s review

This is a very clever tale which grabbed my attention right away. I was intrigued to learn what was going on. I had several theories and assumptions. Some were close and some were way off base – as in a mile off base. Of course, there is that shocking reveal – I did not see that coming – AT ALL. It really was the perfect “OMG, what did I just read?” moment followed by an “Aha!” moment. 

This book was a page turner for me. I kept turning the pages to learn how the book was going to unfold. The ending felt a little bit rushed and I wanted to just a tad bit more. Overall, a very enjoyable read even thought one character really annoyed me. 

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Intriguing, unsettling, creepy, eye-catching and an extremely fitting representation to storyline that kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies to look at. 
Title: The title of this book is an extremely fitting representation to storyline that definitely piqued my interest, totally intrigued and fascinated me. 
Writing/Prose: Well-written, entertaining, compelling, engaging and convincing. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and it definitely spoke to me. 
Plot: Engrossing, refreshing, suspenseful, interesting, complex, fast-paced, and highly entertaining. 
Ending: A surprising and twist ending that definitely should shock and wow the reader regardless if you’ve figured it out or not. The ending was totally satisfying and did not disappoint!! 
Overall: A fantastic and riveting read that had me totally absorbed within this story right from the very start, thoroughly enjoying every minute of this debut thriller! Would recommend!

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Celadon Books and Alex Michaelides for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.

Debut of the season? We agree? Do you? Are you adding this one to your TBR list? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you

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Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler #BookBloggers #travelingsistersread #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook @HarperCollinsCa @AuthorLizLawler

Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler is now available!

Don’t Wake Up takes dark and disturbing to a different level here when we learn the unsettling scenario our main character Alex has endured. So unbelievable that everyone starts to question Alex’s story, setting Alex up to be an interesting unreliable character. That dark and twisted part of me was drawn into Alex’s life and at times I questioned if maybe this one has gone a bit too far for me. Things start to slow down a bit there as Alex’s life spirals out of control and the dynamics between the characters become interesting however at times the story felt like it wasn’t moving forward as fast as I wanted it too. Norma who was ahead of me struggled a bit here too but told me to be patient and give it some time. Things started to pick up for me as we learn the truth.

Liz Lawler does a good job here leading us to those twists and turns as there were a few ways the story could of went. What at times felt like the story could be predictable took a different turn than I expected to keep me guessing right up to that satisfying ending.

Norma’s Review

Edgy, mysterious, & disturbing!

DON’T WAKE UP by LIZ LAWLER is an engaging, dark, suspenseful, and intense psychological thriller that I was immediately drawn into.  The subject matter is disturbingly nightmarish and terrifying to make this quite the intriguing, enjoyable and entertaining read.

This book immediately grabbed my attention but necessarily didn’t keep it all the way through though.  I did get a tiny bit impatient with some aspects of the storyline as it seemed to stall a little bit but it totally grabbed me again and in the end I was thoroughly impressed with the way certain things played out.

LIZ LAWLER delivers a character-driven, interesting, and well-written read here that had me feeling anxious as well as had me questioning and suspicious of almost everything that I was reading.

The only thing that bothered me a little bit while reading this one was something to do with the investigation and the actions of the authorities.  I have a reading pet-peeve when a character’s behaviour is questioned and not believed by the police. It definitely bugs me as a reader.

Thank you so much to Edelweiss, HarperCollins Canada & Liz Lawler for the opportunity to read an electronic ARC of this book.

Lindsay’s Review

Mysterious, suspenseful and chilling!

Dr. Alex Taylor wakes up under the bright lights of an operating table, groggy and confused. She is strapped down and hooked up to an IV with no sense of what happened. Assuming she had a bad accident, she asks the doctor beside her for details. The next thing she knows, she is waking up on a gurney in the hospital she works at, surrounded by her co-workers. They tell her she was found unconscious in the parking lot. What happened between those two waking moments? Alex knows she was targeted and something happened to her in that mysterious hospital operating room. She embarks on a quest to find answers and uncover the truth behind her peculiar and puzzling situation.

The first chapter starts with a bang! It pulled me right into the story, feeling the suspense and sympathizing with Alex’s situation. I applaud the author, Liz Lawler, for creating such a powerful start to this debut novel – it was unique, captivating and suspenseful. As the novel progressed, my intrigue weakened as I couldn’t fully connect to the characters and the pace slowed. There were some surprising twists in the novel which kept me on my toes, but some of the dialogue and behaviour felt unnatural and took away from my connection to the story. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book, am glad I read it and would be interested in reading more from this author. Many readers have loved this one, so be sure to check out those several raving reviews! 

Warning: there is a scene with animal abuse that I found difficult to read.

Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Suspenseful, intriguing, mysterious, dark, eye-catching and a fitting representation to storyline. 
Title: Appealing, suspenseful, disturbing, intriguing and absolutely love how the title plays so fittingly and terrifyingly into storyline. 
Writing/Prose: Well-written, engaging, and captivating. 
Plot: Harrowing, dark, tension-filled, suspenseful, gripping, fast-paced, clever, absorbing, enjoyable and entertaining. 
Ending: An unexpected and unpredictable ending that totally took me by surprise. 
Overall: I was quite delighted that the author totally took me by surprise here and I totally missed a major clue to the “who” of the “whodunit”! Loved it!!!! Would definitely recommend!

Have you read this one? Want to read it? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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One Fatal Mistake by Tom Hunt @TomHuntWriter @berkleypub #BookBloggers #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

Life is good, then a horrible accident, a cover-up, a dark confession, and a protective mother. Are you intrigued yet? There is more!!

Once I started reading One Fatal Mistake I couldn’t put down and I soon made my way to a quiet place where I could hide from any distraction or family who might want something. I grabbed my favorite beverage and locked myself in my room. I only needed a few hours to whip through this short fast-paced, action-packed entertaining and exciting read.

The thing about this story is it’s a bit predictable however it’s what really works here. Tom Hunt had a way of grabbing me from the first page and I was taken on a heart-pounding nail-biting ride where I didn’t even have time to think about which way it’s was going to twist and turn until I reach the end. I was left thinking wow that was fun and exciting. It reminded of the days when I didn’t need dark and twisted just good storytelling with some characters to root for and villains to dislike to entertain me.

I highly recommend setting some time aside and hoping on this ride and go for the fun of it.

One Fatal Mistake by Tom Hunt is now available!

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy of this novel.

Brenda’s review

Have you read this one? Want to read it? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict @laurabenedict @HBGCanada @mulhollandbooks @about_thethrill #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict is now available.

We read this one along with Kim @ Its All About The Thrill  Pop on over and see what she has to say.

Brenda’s Review

The Stranger Inside starts off here with a great premise with our main character Kimber comes home to find a stranger living in her house. It doesn’t seem like, the stranger is going to leave and there isn’t much Kimber can do about it. Things start to get really intriguing when the stranger whispers something in her ear. We all wanted to know more and started turning those pages as fast as we could.

The Stranger Inside to me, seemed more of a domestic psychological thriller as there are some past secrets and conflict here with Kimber’s family surrounding the death of her sister. We are taken back to Kimber’s past and learn that things seem a little unusual here and I was intrigued to find out more. There are some good twists and turns along the way with a hint of darkness to make the story interesting.

Kimber became a very interesting character in many ways and we had a lot to discuss when it came to her and it seemed like how you feel about Kimber could decide how you felt about this story. She is unreliable and very complicated. The more we find out about her the more unlikable she becomes and Kimber’s character started to overshadow the story here for some of us. We seemed to be split here with the way we felt about Kimber. We were either team Kimber and rooting for her or against her and couldn’t get past just how awful she was. This made for a very interesting read and discussion for us.

Now back before I became dark and twisted from reading so many thrillers this would be the thriller for me. The simpler days. (wink, wink) Now I seem to be more drawn into the darker and twisted ones. I know I am not alone here even though my family looks at me like what is wrong with you. They just don’t get it. I do enjoy a break from of all that darkness and The Stranger Inside is free of twisted disturbing scenes or shock value. It’s an easy, light and entertaining story with a challenging character to like just how unlikable she is. We recommend giving this one a shot and see who you agree with about Kimber and then come back and let us know. I bet everyone will have lots to say about her and we would like to hear!!!

Norma’s review

Suspenseful, chilling, & alarming!

THE STRANGER INSIDE by LAURA BENEDICT was an interesting and enjoyable psychological thriller that had quite the unimaginable, nightmarish and scary premise.  I have no idea what I would do if I came home to some unknown person living in my home. I’m sure that I would totally freak out and be a little bit nervy and rattled just like Kimber our main character was here in this story.

This book immediately grabbed my attention and where I might have been a little bit annoyed with some of the narrative in the beginning and with the way our main character was portrayed here it didn’t last for long and didn’t distract me at all from the story.  I thought Kimber’s character was a tad bit unlikeable but it just made the characters and the story that more compelling for me to read. I thought Kimber’s unlikeable character definitely moved the story forward and made for an entertaining read whether if I liked her or not.  I definitely felt for Kimber and was panicking right along with her.

LAURA BENEDICT delivers an intriguing, well-written and safe thriller here with just a smidgen of darkness to it.  There are plenty of twists and turns with some surprises along the way to keep the reader guessing. I enjoyed how the story was told in the past and present timeline allowing me to learn and puzzle together who “The Stranger Inside” was along with all the secrets and lies.

Lindsay’s review

Kimber Hannon comes home from a weekend getaway to find her front door key doesn’t work. Circling her home, she discovers there is a man inside and he appears to have settled into living there. What is going on? Shocked and scared, Kimber calls the police who determine that this stranger has a signed lease permitting him to live in the house for the next six months. The worst part is that Kimber’s own signature is on the lease. Kimber has not met this man before, or has she? Does this stranger have a connection to Kimber’s past? 

This story grabbed me right away as the premise was peculiar and terrifying. My mind was whirling with potential scenarios and I was curious to see how it would all pan out for Kimber. The author, Laura Benedict, does a great job building suspense and suspicion around several characters, which kept me on my toes and guessing.

As the novel progressed, the pace slowed and Kimber’s personality began to wear on me. She wasn’t a likable person and as the situation evolved, it became hard to sympathize with her. I enjoyed the novel, but wish I would have had more of a connection to the characters and less of a dramatic resolution.

Thank you so much to HBG Canada and Laura Benedict for gifting us a physical ARC to read and review.

Have you read this one? Were you rooting for Kimber or was she just too unlikable? Want to read this one? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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The Dead Ex by Jane Corry @PamelaDormanBks #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers #askthetravelingsistersaboutourreads #askusaboutourbook

Today Kim @ Its All About The Thrill and I are bringing you our reviews for The Dead Ex by Jane Corry.  Available tomorrow February 5, 2019

Kim and I read this one with a couple of our Traveling Sisters while Norma and Lindsay were buried in a coulee with a few other books they are reading. They will be catching up on this one and will be bringing you their reviews once they find some air in that coulee.

The Dead Ex has some intriguing elements here to make for an easy lighter entertaining, drama-packed thriller. It has unreliable interesting characters with unknown connections and a lying, cheating Ex who creates some chaos and disappears leaving questions as to what happened to him.

Jane Corry does a great job here interweaving the characters and their past allowing us to question their connection to each other. We were intrigued right from the start. The pace did change a bit for us in the second half of the story and the drama really started to spike after that final twist came in. None of us saw that twist coming and that did get us talking. I started to get a bit worried that some things were getting caught up in the weeds but in the end, I thought Jane Corry pulled free of the weeds and left nothing tangled. No worries about being left in the weeds with this one. Is that a good thing or not, well that is up to you to decide but don’t forget to come back and let us know. We recommend for readers who like things easy and light yet interesting and suspenseful with some drama.

Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book to read and review.

Brenda’s review

Have you read this one? What did you think of the ending? Want to read it? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you