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Falling Behind Friday @about_thethrill #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

Happy Friday!!!  Friday is here and it’s that time again when we chat about a couple books we have been falling behind on with Kim@It’s All About the Thrill and Christina@Recipe and a Read . Today we all are chatting about different books we have fallen behind on.  Travel on over to their blogs to see what they are chatting about today.

We are chatting about A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne. Norma, Lindsay and I have fallen behind on the group read but really want to read it. I have been seeing some really great buzz for it.  The group read was added a month ago and we haven’t been able to catch up.  After reading Stephanie’s amazing review I noticed we missed the pub date for it.  Stephanie really has me wanting to dive into this one soon.  Zoe @ What’s Better Than Books? review caught my eye as well.

I did take a peek into the threads to see who read this one and looked at their reviews.

From The Traveling Sisters’ review

From Debra’s review  This book is beautifully written, tragic, compelling and hard to put down. Boyne has given me a character that I love to hate. Maurice Swift is so deliciously “amoral”.  

From Diane’s review: Now I am the type of reader who enjoys being given a character who tugs at my heart, someone in which I can hope for, cherish. But….I also say if you can’t give me that, then give me some stellar prose, or a plot that is intriguing, pulls me into the story. And…..yes that is definitely the case here, this plot pulled me in, like watching a train wreck I couldn’t pull away.

I have to add the beginning of Angela’s review.  My interest is definitely peaked after reading that.  What do you do when you have the blind ambition to be a writer and while you can write, you just don’t have a creative idea in you? If you are the unscrupulous, narcissistic, slimeball named Maurice Swift – you do anything that it takes – steal their stories and their books and ruin their lives.

img_6785Let’s Chat about books we have fallen behind on.  So I am convinced we are squeezing this one in!  Have you read this one?  If so we would love to hear what you thought about this slimeball.

Want to join us on our fun and chat about a couple titles you have fallen behind on? Join us on Fridays with our Falling Behind Friday meme where you chat about a couple books you have fallen behind on and then link Kim, Christina and us so we can travel on over and check out your post.  Drop your link in the comment section for everyone to check it out.

Drop us a comment!  We would love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “Falling Behind Friday @about_thethrill #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

    1. So after posting this post, I found myself at the bookstore and I bought it because I couldn’t resist the hard copy! When my husband asks I am going to blame you! 😘😍😜

      You are welcome on the love! I do love to share the love!!!

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      1. Oh my! Lol! Well, it’s a beautiful book! I’ll take the blame, lol. Tell him it’s an early Christmas present. That’s always my excuse! 😂😉😘

        Sharing the love is a good thing! 💗💗 Thanks again!

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