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Random Book Musings: Do friends and family understand your book obsession? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers


I always have these random bookish questions that I’m curious about so I ask our Traveling Sisters a weekly (sometimes more) book related question. We thought it would be fun and interesting to take some of those questions to our blog and see what you all think or do.

So this next question that I had for the Traveling Sisters is one that I have been wondering about for a while now and I am really curious to hear from you all. I hope that you will also join in on the discussion with us.

Norma’s random book question:

Do friends and family understand your book obsession? Do you feel a little guilty when you spend time reading or is it totally a guilt-free pleasure for you when it comes to books?

Web_L465-3_brunetteNorma’s Answer

Well, this is actually a complex question for me. What was I thinking? LOL

So I would say that Brenda would absolutely be the one to understand my book obsession. Our Mom used to be an avid reader, although she still reads some but not as much as she did when we were younger. So I would say that my Mom also understands my obsession but she would definitely tell me that I didn’t need to buy anymore books though and I should read the ones that I have first.

I would say though that Brenda might be a tiny bit more book obsessed than I am though. She has been known to hide almost anywhere to read one more page or chapter. I have talked to her on the phone recently and she was hiding! She used to hide in the closet and now she hides in the bathroom. LOL And she buys way more books than I do!

My hubby and my kids know I love to read and they are totally supportive but I would say that my husband feels a little neglected at times. And thinks that I care more about my books than him. So I have to make sure that honey gets some of my attention!

I do feel guilty sometimes when I read if I am not alone. I really don’t feel comfortable reading in the evening until everyone is in bed or I absolutely know that I have nothing left to do around the house. I have always felt that way though.

Web_L463-2_purple_green-eyesBrenda’s Answer

Lol, Norma you definitely are the one who understands my book obsessions the most.

My Mom too as she was the one who would look for me when I was hiding to read.  lol .  My family does understand because my book obsession was also with children books and reading with my sons when they were younger.  My husband has his own obsession that makes him feel good by finding and collecting.  Like me and my books, he carries his little gems with him room to room.

The strongest part of my book obsession is in the hunt for books.  I can spend hours browsing at books online, exercising my fingers with NG and EW, looking for library books and buying books from bookstores.

L329-1_green_blue eyesLindsay’s Answer

Great question Norma!

I think the only people who truly understand my book love and reading obsession are my Traveling Sisters! 😍 📚 My husband just laughs and rolls his eyes when he sees me carrying my books/kindle around the house. He isn’t a reader, so he doesn’t understand. Thank goodness I have my TS!!

My most productive reading time is in the evenings when the kiddies are tucked in bed and my husband is watching TV. That’s my guilt free reading time!

Web_L325-3_blonde_brown eyesChristina’s Answer

Lol Norma! I love what you said about Brenda and your mom!!

I’m not sure any of my friends or family truly understand the sheer amount of time that I spend reading. I’m their go-to for suggestions but they don’t read as much or want to discuss books the way I do. My husband loves that I read so much 😊 he recently fell into obsession with a sci-fi series so he’s understanding more how magical books can be. He’s also super handy and loves to build stuff and he really likes when I read where he’s working which is nice!

My friends do sometimes get on to me about trying to read at any time but it’s all in good fun 🙂


Now to the best part. Your answers. Please join in our discussion and let us know your answer. We would love to hear from you!

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50 thoughts on “Random Book Musings: Do friends and family understand your book obsession? #travelingsistersread #BookBloggers

  1. What a good question – and I love all your replies! My children are both grown with kids of their own so my reading doesn’t impact on them (one avid reader and one rarely reads btw). I am now in early retirement due to health issues and with my husband at work all day I do most of my reading during the day – although I’m not averse to adding in some evening reading and ALWAYS read in bed before sleep! My husband has no issues with me reading .. I think he’s just glad that I’m quiet for a change, lol.

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  2. Sisters and friends, my entire family reads, so there is no question of guilt feeling. My 3 year old niece loves books.
    I am little more crazy about books than the rest, but when my parents looked after us, mom bought books every month for me, so did my other relatives. They all fed my love for books. Now since I am looking after my parents, I don’t buy so much, because for me, their needs matter first. So their books and other stuff come first with me.

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    1. Wow Shalini – thank you for sharing your special and very touching family situation. How special that your mom and other relatives bought you books when you were growing up! They encouraged you which is so wonderful! How amazing that your entire family reads!! My children love reading (in large part because they love imitating me – haha! But my husband would rather do anything other than read a book. So nice that you are able to look after your parents now and that you buy them books now. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. xo

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      1. Norma – I always skipped home with the biggest smile on my face when I had a Scholastic book club order sheet. Oh my gosh! Those were the best!!! I loved looking through the booklets and picking new books! 😍

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  3. Hello ladies great question I come from a family where it seems only the women read and the men do whatever it is they do 🤷 so I never feel guilty I did meet someone once and he said I spent more money on books when wasn’t I suppose to buy shoes (by the way I’m a bootoholic to )he wasn’t around long 😏

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  4. This was nice question. My husband understands and supports my book obsession, buy me loads of book and I’m really grateful for that. My aunt and one cousin are fine as they also read but not like me, like life hangs on the books and reading. But when it comes to my and my husband’s family, they don’t understand. My mom makes faces and roll her eyes when she sees me engrossed in reading and my in-laws are in disbelief that i can spend whole day around books and never get tired of it. I’m crossing my fingers, when my baby arrives, he/she turns out to be reader like me.

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    1. That’s so wonderful your husbands buys you books. Even though my sons loved to read when they were younger they are not readers now. We sure had some wonderful and special times together reading. I think both you and baby will too! Thank you so much for dropping by with your comment.

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  5. My family understands it, supports it but doesn’t share it. My sister checks out my blog everyday and will “like” the posts but I don’t think she really reads it🙂

    My husband comes from a family of collectors and he has many so he looks at my book obsession as a form of collecting. My reading is something he embraces and likes that he can watch what he wants on television while I read. However, when we switch to Netflix or Prime Video, he expects me to keep up (this is our shared experience time).

    My sister-in-law is a voracious reader who actually helped get me started back to serious reading. We share a lot of the same book interests and we’ve now reversed roles…I’m feeding her obsession.

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    1. That so nice that your sisters check out your blog. Too funny she might not really read it. Sisters!! And also so nice to share that with your sister-in-law. My sister-in-law Tiffany is someone else who understands my book obsession. She reads, takes my recommendations and comments on our blog. I think I might be starting an obsession with her and books. lol

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  6. What a fun and interesting question. I too will hide just about anywhere to get that last few pages or chapter in for the day before putting my book away… lol… guilty here. My husband and kids know about my book and reading addiction, and are supportive, but I make sure to balance out my time with spending time with them as well. I do feel guilty when I get some reading time in when my family is around, but I think it’s good to have an escape sometimes to relax and chill out for a bit. But it’s all about balance and making sure to find the time for other things as well. 🙂

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  7. That brought a smile reading everyone’s answers. I will say yes my family understands, we are making it important for our wee children to know the importance of reading. So it is welcomed although they are still young, any reading I do around the family is to my kids for the lack of spare time. So the guilt is there when I sit own to read around the family, this will surely pay off when my kids are older and reading to them isn’t on their list of things they want to do 😉

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    1. I love that you read with them as you know. Most of the reading I did when the boys were that young were children books. lol . I hope you do get some time to read for yourself. There are some great books coming your way!!

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    2. Well your response put a smile on my face too, Tiffany! Mom never read to us when we were younger….I don’t remember her reading to us anyway, but she was always reading though and it definitely didn’t bother Brenda and I. Just made us want to read with her. Sometimes all three of us would be sitting on the couch with a book in our hand. I think of that rather fondly.

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  8. I am fortunate to come from a book-loving family. Both parents, my sister, and I all have an obsession with books, so no problems there! A lot of my friends are book lovers, too. Those that aren’t seem to realize that it’s just part of who I am and accept it. There have been a few people in my life (like my sister’s former in-laws) who have no interest in books and can’t understand anyone who does. I’ve never let that opinion bother me, though. Any disparaging remarks roll right off me, much to the chagrin of the person making the remark.

    I read every chance I get – during lunch break at work, in bed before falling asleep, while waiting at doctors’ offices, any free time during the day – whenever possible. I don’t feel even the tiniest bit guilty about it. Would I feel guilty about eating healthy food or getting enough exercise? No! So why would I feel guilty about reading? It’s exercise for the mind as well as being loads of fun. I am so glad I was brought up to place a very high value on reading.

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    1. I adore your answer Eileen!! You are so right about reading being exercise for the mind as well as being loads of fun – great way to put it! How lucky for you to come from a book-loving family! That warms my heart. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this question – loved reading your response! 🙂


  9. My answer is no! My son hates reading and doesn’t understand why I love reading (I hate this!), my mum thinks it’s a waste of time (you could be doing more housework she says!) and my friends relax differently! But I love reading and have done since I was little and hopefully that won’t change!

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    1. Sorry to hear your son hates reading – that’s a bummer! I have definitely been in your shoes as far as your moms response about wasting time that could be spent on housework – haha! They just don’t get it, do they? That’s wonderful that you have loved reading since you were little – its the same with me. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful way to relax and escape! Thanks for your response!!

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    2. I’m sorry to hear that nobody understands your love for books if it is any comfort we all do! I have been reading every since I was young as well and that hasn’t changed at all. I might have gone through some short periods when I wasn’t reading as much but I have always gone back to it though. Reading is definitely my relaxation and escape. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  10. My family and friends don’t fully understand my book obsession, but they are supportive. My husband even created a Goodreads account and started reading more recently. My mom always asks if I own a book before she purchases it. She knows I’m happy to share my books with her. Most of my family and friends read, just not to the extreme that I do.

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    1. That’s so nice that you share books with your mom! Great that your husband started reading more as well! Do you read the same type of books as your husband? Or completely different genres? Wonderful that your friends and family read too – such a nice thing to share! Thank you for your response!

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      1. That would be fun to find books that you both enjoy! That’s wonderful that you both share a love of reading. Hope you’re both reading something fantastic now! 😊

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  11. Another fantastic question! Most people in my life do which is lovely. Especially my mum who taught me to read at a very young age (I like to think she began the obsession 😜), my sister who is a blogger herself and just as obsessed and my partner who doesn’t read as much as I do but is perfectly happy to sit there while I read without disturbing me, haha. He’s also very patient with my out of control book collection and has moved it between the multiple houses we’ve rented which I feel quite guilty about!! 😕

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    1. That’s wonderful to think that your mum started your book obsession! I love that! How amazing that your partner is so accommodating with your love of reading and books!! You’re so lucky!! 💜
      Thanks for sharing!! We love hearing from you! 😊

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  12. Although my husband, daughter and most of my friends don’t read like I do, they’re supportive of my reading and I think they understand my book obsession. I don’t really feel guilty when I’m reading because when I’m in the company of my husband, I try to do it when he’s watching t.v. or going to sleep so I’m not neglecting him. He does say I’m obsessed with my iPhone though. 😂

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    1. Hah! I think we are all a little obsessed/overly dependent on our phones! 😉
      That’s amazing that your friends and family understand and are supportive of your book love! 📚😍.
      Thanks for sharing! We love hearing from you! 💜🌸

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  13. My sisters and one brother and I all like to read but I’m pretty sure none of them read as much as me. My husband, son and daughter read a bit but I don’t think any of them understand my obsession.I have one good friend who probably reads as much as me but not the same genre of books (she’s into romance and I’m not) and another good friend who probably reads one book a year when she’s on vacation. Since I’m retired I read pretty much whenever I want but if I lie down to read there’s usually a loud thump when my book hits the floor. Love these questions and feel like I’m in good company when I read the responses!

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