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The sun was shining down on Kierney Scott in the coulee as my Traveling Sisters and I were reading the first two books in the Detective Jess Bishop series.  I was lost in a coulee with Lindsay reading the first one Forget Me Not and we both loved Jess Bishop right away and were quickly drawn into her secrets and the demons that haunt her. When we saw the second installment Cross Your Heart on NetGalley and were very excited to read it. We pulled Kaceey and Susanne into the coulee with us to read it, however they had to catch up on the first one.  I have added their reviews for Forget me Not to this post and Lindsay and mine can be found here on the blog.

Forget Me Not (Detective Jess Bishop, #1)Forget Me Not by Kierney Scott

Susanne’s Review

FBI Agent Jess Bishop arrives at the Louisiana Swamp to find the dismembered body of Lydia Steiner. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first body the team has found. For Jess Bishop, there is something about the markings on Steiner’s body that look familiar.. something that reminds her of things long forgotten. Complicating matters is Jamison – Jess’ former partner and best friend who returns to the team making her face things she would do anything to avoid.

While investigating the case, more bodies pile up and Jess works feverishly to find links between the victims and while doing so, she finds links to her past as well. This case is going to take things from Jess she never imagined possible and trying to find the serial killer? Well, it might just tear her apart.

“Forget Me Not” by Kierney Scott was a fast-paced, suspense novel that kept me on my toes. It also tugged at the heart and had characters that I liked, a lot. This novel is the first in the Jess Bishop series and I am eagerly looking forward to the next.


Kaceey’s Review

A new voice in the crime thriller genre! Well done Kierney Scott! 

 Jess Bishop is a special agent with the FBI.  As most of these leading lady special agents, she is typically tough as nails and deeply flawed.  But I have to admit she does stand apart from the other leading characters in this genre.  The balance works really well showing both her personal and professional life.

 As Jess and her team investigate the disturbing work of a serial killer.  It’s a race against time to take down a killer before he strikes again…or strikes closer to home!  Her team includes her former partner Jamison who had left on an undercover assignment.  Is there too much water under the bridge? Can they rekindle the chemistry of the past?

 Personally, Jess is not doing well.  She is determined to keep her past hidden. But uses unhealthy outlets to keep her demons at bay.  Can she just move on? Maybe with a new man in her life? Enter

 This book can be graphic at times and let me (a hardened thriller lover) squeamish at times! 

The ending was shocking and had me quickly moving onto book two Cross Your Heart. 


 Cross Your Heart (Detective Jess Bishop, #2)Cross Your Heart by Kierney Scott

Brenda’s rating and review: 4 of 5 stars

I was lost in the dark, unearthly craggy coulee with Lindsay, Kaceey and Susanne reading Cross Your Heart and we really enjoyed reading this one together. Kierney Scott takes us down another jagged rocky path here with Detective Jess Bishop.

Cross Your Heart is a chilling and disturbing story that pulled us deep into the coulee not wanting to leave till we finish this gripping story. The story picks up after the devastating events that left Jess with an injury. We follow her as she deals with the events that caused her injury. She thinks she is ready and is determined to get back to work. When a young girl is taken and Jess is cleared and back to work she sees some connections to cold cases of three missing girls, she is determined to solve the case.

Kierney Scott does a good job developing these likable, flawed, damaged and interesting team of characters. We all really loved the dynamics between them and we grew to love and care for them even more.

With the same sense of tension as the first one, we enjoyed the twists and turns right to the satisfying ending We highly recommend reading Forget Me Not first and then quickly follow it with Cross Your Heart!


Lindsay’s Review

4.5 stars!

My love for FBI Special Agent Jess Bishop has grown even more after finishing this gripping and suspenseful Book #2 in this fantastic series!

Jess is working a case to find a serial killer who abducts and murders young, vulnerable girls. Jess discovers a link that connects several cold murder cases, bringing the FBI hot on the trail of an aggressive serial killer. Jess and her team have such an entertaining camaraderie – their personalities are very different, yet compliment each other so well.

I flew through this book! I found it highly suspenseful, perfectly paced and grippingly addictive! I can’t wait to see what happens with Jess in the next book in the series!


Susanne’s Review

FBI Agent Jess Bishop is damaged. In more ways than one. If you ask her, of course she’ll deny it. Yet all you have to do is look at her mangled hand which bears evidence of her last case, to see it. While recuperating she investigated cases on her own and she found something. Young girls who have gone missing in the area – all of whom were found with blue cotton candy under their fingernails.

Ava is a terminally ill girl. She is taken from the hospital, a bag of blue cotton candy left on her bed. This is it. Ava is the link and soon the entire team investigates, including Jess’ partner Agent Chan and Jess’ former partner, Jamison, who returns after being injured. Yet things are not the same between her and Jamison. They will never be the same. Not after what went down.

Enmeshed in the investigation, things go awry. Jess takes risks she knows she shouldn’t and yet, for her, there is no other way. She cannot outrun her demons. All she can do is hide in her work and do her best to track a killer before it’s too late.

“Cross Your Heart” by Kierney Scott is one heck of a mystery/suspense. I was all in. Jess Bishop, Agent Chan, Jamison and Lindsay are characters you can’t help but absolutely love. They are damaged, soulful and are as real as you and I. This is the second book in the Jess Bishop series and I highly recommend that you read book 1 first as it gives you background into the characters.


Kaceey’s Review

Jess is back to the grindstone and working hard! Maybe just a tad sooner than she should be. But when she gets wind of a potential serial killer hunting young school-age girls…well you know, there’s no stopping that girl!

Jess is a special agent with the FBI fighting the personal demons from her past while simultaneously tracking down the living demons walking free. 

 The team around her are all strong, colorful characters who support and keep a close eye on her. Yes, even Jamison!  Good colleagues… good friends.

 This is a shorter book under 300 pages and reads super-fast, but there’s a lot of action jam-packed into this speedy book. And of course, there’s also the all-important emphasis on Jess’s personal life too! Come on Jess! Tear down those walls and let someone in!!

Enjoyed this book more than book one, and am looking forward to continuing with this series.

Thank you from all of us to NetGalley, Bookouture and Kierney Scott for an ARC  to read and review. 



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