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The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti @AtriaBooks #BookReview #travelingsistersread

The Eight MountainsThe Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jennifer was lost in a coulee reading The Eight Mountains and waited for me to join her so we could discuss the story together. I crawled into our quiet coulee and ignored the world around me and savored this quiet and peaceful story. I was so glad that Jennifer was waiting for me and we really enjoyed discussing this one.

The Eight Mountains is a beautifully and simply written coming of age story that explores relationships and connections not only between the characters but with the mountains and a tiny Alpine Village. We were taken from our sheltered coulee and were emerged into the Foothills of Italy’s Monte Rosa Mountains. We were taken on a journey with our main character Pietro along at times with his father or best friend Bruno though the village, jumping from rock to rock, wading in the river, taking us to summits and glaciers and hiking and climbing through the mountains. The descriptions so vivid that we felt like we were there with them.

Paolo Cognetti does a good job creating two very different complex characters here with Pietro and Bruno. Both living very different lives and but joined together by a deep complex bond.

Written is such a quiet way that allowed me to think of the connections between the characters and the land around them while they found their place in the world. I loved how this story made me feel and think of my own connections to the land around me.

The ending left me thinking long after finishing. It left me thinking along with the peace, adventure or journey in the mountains they come with danger, secrets and mystery. I highly recommend for those times when you need a beautifully written quiet story.

Published on March 20, 2018

Thank you, NetGalley, Atria and Paolo Cognetti for a copy to read and review.


Jennifer’s Review

5 stars to the enchanting and quietly-written, The Eight Mountains!

Pietro and his parents are from the metropolitan city of Milan, and they vacation in the Dolomites of Italy in a remote village. Pietro’s father is consumed with climbing the tallest peaks, which is difficult for Pietro to understand. While in the shadow of his father, he forms a friendship with Bruno, another child from the village.

Over time, the mountains and his friendship with the steadfast Bruno help to keep Pietro grounded. His life experiences many changes, but the mountains and Bruno are always there for him, unwavering.

Cognetti’s prose, even through translation, is alluring. The mountains themselves become a character in the novel with symbolism to be deciphered.

A story of friendship and family relationships in a glorious alpine setting, The Eight Mountains is a quiet book worthy of a re-read and more reflection.

Thank you to Paolo Cognetti, Atria, and Netgalley for the ARC