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Sunshine Rays on Meg Gardiner in the Coulee @MegGardiner1 #BookReview #travelingsistersread

The sun was shining down on Meg Gardiner in the coulee while I read her UNSUB series with Susanne and Kaceey.   I read the first one UNSUB with Susanne and read In The Black Nowhere with both Susanne and Kaceey. UNSUB introduces us to a strong, compelling and empathetic character here with Narcotics Detective Caitlin Hendrix who is promoted to homicide.  I suggest starting with UNSUB first to really get to know Caitlin’s character and it really is just so good you don’t want to miss it.  Susanne and I can’t believe it took us so long to read it.  Kaceey read it awhile back and loved it too.  We highly recommend both books and in each, we see different killers, crimes and into different sides of Caitlin’s career.  In UNSUB she is green, young homicide detective learning the ropes quickly when she is drawn into the murders and in Into the Dark Nowhere she is an FBI Profiler in training.  We loved the profiling side to the story and getting into the mind of a killer as interesting as this one.   We are so excited to see what is in store for Caitlin with the next one in this series and will be looking out for it.

UNSUB (UNSUB, #1)UNSUB by Meg Gardiner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lost in the sunny, jagged craggy coulee feeling a little chilly with Susanne as we read UNSUB. We settled in with a hot cup of coffee that soon turned as cold as we felt as we started reading this chilling and compelling story.

UNSUB is an intelligent, engaging, and gruesome fast-paced read that took us and Caitlin on a race against time for a killer that destroyed her father’s career and health and now the killer has his eyes set on Caitlin. Meg Gardiner does a great job balancing a crime and the personal life here with fascinating and ambitious Caitlin. She is haunted by her father’s failure to capture the killer 20 years ago and searches to stop him and to redeem herself and her father. We connected and were engaged in Caitlin personal relationships with her father and her boyfriend Sean and loved the dynamics between them.

We raced against time along with Caitlin turning those pages as fast as we could. We were taken to the top of the coulee looking for an escape from the brutal acts of this terrifying killer as the tension rises and we pulled back into the coulee and this story only stopping when life demanded our attention. As soon as we closed this one and Susanne and Kaceey could get their hands on Into The Dark Nowhere we were lost in the coulee again reading it.

Published June 27, 2017

Into the Black Nowhere (UNSUB, #2)Into the Black Nowhere by Meg Gardiner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lost in the sunny, jagged craggy coulee with Susanne and Kaceey reading Into The Black Nowhere feeling very excited to start reading this one. Once we settled in and opened up this book we were lost in the coulee and couldn’t be found till we were done.

Caitlin now an FBI profiler in training is on the case for a killer that turns into a cat and mouse game. The dynamics here between Caitlin and the killer is tense, interesting and engaging. Caitlin in more vulnerable and pushes herself as she goes up against this arrogant and cunning killer.

Meg Gardiner does a fantastic job creating an interesting team here with Caitlin and her colleagues who all work together to bring down this killer and we really loved the dynamics between them as we were cheering them all on in this fascinating cat and mouse game.

Meg Gardiner takes us thundering down a fast-paced road soaring along with Beyonce’s “freedom” blaring through the coulee. We could feel that black-blood sensation creeping into our veins under that violet sunset. We soared through this book in mostly one day only stopping to reach for a much-needed coffee till we got to the ending that left us all saying WOW. We highly recommend.

Published January 30, 2018

Thank you, NetGalley, Penguin Group and Meg Gardiner for a copy to read and review.

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  1. Amazing reviews Brenda!! And the Intro!? Wowza. You blew it out of the water! Loved reading both of these books with you. The best reading days ever! Thank you thank you! 🙂

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